Acorn and Leaf

We are so proud to be the very first in Europe that stock the delicious products from Canadian Acorn and Leaf.

The gorgeous bandana bibs and the beautiful nursing covers have taking Canada with storm - and they will for sure do the same here by us.

We are among the very first to show the Fall 2017 collection - enjoy it very much.


Acorn and Leaf says:

All of our new goods are made ethically overseas. We work with a small scale family run manufacturer that adheres to strict ethical guidelines for all it's employees. We have carefully selected a company that ensures fair trade practices are in place and being met. Fair trade means that the people making our product have a safe working environment, are paid fairly, and have labour standards in place that make us proud to be their partners. We also speak directly to our makers which is a relationship we value greatly. Our makers use our designs that we have carefully created and that have been tested by moms. Along with this they use our prints that we have created in collaboration with a local Calgary graphic artist. Our manufacturer utilizes environmental saving measures by recycling materials from our goods and packaging as well as using water based dyes.